Morocco: The Tafilalt

I processed some more photos of my recent trip to Morocco with A. & M. Tiefenbach, before they pass out of mind. In the upcoming posts, I’ll focus on the desert regions we visited in February. These were the Tafilalt along river Ziz in the east, the bare plateau south of the High Atlas Mountains and the Guelmim-Es Semara region in the south of the country.

Rising in the Middle Atlas and flowing to the south, the river Ziz leaves the High Atlas north of Errachidia, nourishing the largest oasis of Morocco, the Tafilalt region. This area in the east of the country is particularily interesting for birdwatchers, hosting some of Morocco’s most sought-after species such as Barbary Falcon, several species of sandgrouse, Pharaoh Eagle Owl, Egyptian Nightjar, Maghreb Wheatear, Scrub Warbler, Desert Warbler, Fulvous Babbler and Desert Sparrow – just to name a few.