„Brown“ Northern Lapwing in Austria

I often stumble upon older photos of special birds when going through my photo archives, looking for something else. This pale Northern Lapwing / Kiebitz (Vanellus vanellus) was in a group of spring migrants in March 2017 in Seewinkel, Austria. I have a hard time assigning „white“ birds to specific types of aberrations. There are two papers I like to come back to when trying to do this:

  • Zedler, A. (2015): Farbabweichungen bei Vögeln – der aktuelle Wissensstand. Vogelwarte 53: 85-92.
  • van Grouw, H. (2013): What colour is that bird? British Birds 106: 17-29.

I assume, this bird is a „brown“ Northern Lapwing.

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