Nest-building Plumbeous Kites

While on a visit at Finca La Gracia on Guatemala’s Pacific slope, I had the chance to watch the starting nest-building of a pair of Plumbeous Kites / Schwebeweih (Ictinia plumbea), a small raptor of Central and South America. Northern populations are migratory and this pair had just arrived back from their wintering quarters two days ago. They started building the nest immediately, in the close vicinity of last year’s nesting location. One of the adults seemed to be more active in getting dry branches from closeby trees, which were broken off with the the bill and tranported with both feet and bill.

Thanks a lot to H. & G. Pasch and J. De León Lux for the invitation, guiding and informations. When in Guatemala, make sure to go birding at Finca La Gracia/The Lost Tinamou.

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