Different nest type of Spot-breasted Oriole

While at Finca La Gracia (Escuintla, Guatemala), I was showed a nest (two side by side actually) of Spot-breasted Orioles / Tropfentrupiale (Icterus pectoralis) that were constructed unusually low under a hanging flower pot right next to the Finca. The birds had woven them into hanging fern leaves, just about 1.8 meters above the ground. The nests were neat cups of plant fibres, but not the long, hanging pouch that is usually expected. I suspect that the pouch structure, which could serve as a roof to avoid detection/access by predators, becomes obsolete in such a well-covered situation. According to H. Pasch, the birds had reused one of the two nests in multiple seasons. On my visit on 4 March 2020, the pair had started to work on their nest for the coming breeding season.

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