Iran in Winter – the North

I just came back from a marvellous trip to Iran. It will take some more time until the full trip report is finished, but here are some photos of the northern part of this huge and fascinating country, the region of Fereydoon Kenar in particular.
We spent two days at the doubtfully famous „damghas“, flooded rice fields were bird trapping (especially for ducks) is carried out to a vast extent. When searching for „Omid“, sadly the last wild Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus) left of the western population, we had the opportunity to see with our own eyes what’s going on in the damghas.
Thanks a lot to all of our friends who helped us during our stay in northern Iran, first and foremost Dr. Mahmoud Ghasempouri, Ellen Vuosalo-Tavakoli and Mohammad Ali Allahgholi!